Our Vision is to eradicate poverty for all children in Northern Lao.

beautiful girl cropAlthough Lao is one of the poorest countries in the world, there are many factors that strengthen our vision of eradicating poverty in this country.

We now have over 4000 children in our support programs. The Lao government is very supportive of our projects and as such we are able to avoid the corruption which plagues so many aid workers in other foreign countries. Lao also has a small and manageable population and many of the issues that cause this poverty can be alleviated with surprisingly little funding.

As we strengthen our support across 3 orphanages, we continue to reach more and more Lao children in remote villages and support them under our care programs.

Implementing medical programs and educational support, as well as providing clothing, clean water and nutrition is the basis for our vision becoming reality. So often we see malnourished children in these villages with no medical support and no hope of a basic education.

With our work on the ground and with adequate funding, we will continuously strive to eradicate poverty for every child in Northern Laos. We no longer accept that any child should suffer from malnourishment or lack of medical support.

Amazingly the cost of changing these children’s lives is just 6% of what it would cost us in Western Countries.